Allstate First Aid Supplies are specialists in maritime safety.We produce a complete range of AYF approved kits for yachtsmen, scale F and G kits for liferafts, commercial marine and general boating first aid needs.
NSW Occupational Health and Safety legislation now requires all workplaces to carry and maintain a first aid kit appropriate for the number of employees. We can advise on kits to suit any enterprise and assist with on-going order service.
We design and produce custom kits for sportspeople, home use tradeseople, recreation and any other use you can name! Check out some of ourcustom kits.
Allstate carry over 350 separate first aid items. Browse our database to find a specific item you may need, then contact us for a quote.
Search our database to find individual items to restock your first aid kit, all itmes from our most popular kits are listed here including NSW Regulation Kits.
For more information, a quotation or to contact a representative please click here or phone 02 6360 0511 or FAX 02 6360 1511